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At Jenuine Courage Counseling, we offer multiple services that serve individuals as well as couples and families. Below is a list of services in which there is specialized training and where our passion is particularly strong:

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Couples Counseling 

Relationships are wonderful!(But also, really hard...) Do you find yourself having the same fight over and over? Do you feel disconnected from your partner? This happens in all relationships, even good ones. Our partners trigger us and we trigger them.  

Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples is based on attachment theory which basically says that we are all wired for connection and belonging, and that when these basic needs are not being met, it leads to pain and fear. We will engage in behaviors to try to get those needs met. Ironically, these behaviors often lead to more disconnection and loneliness.  

As an EFT therapist, I am a “process consultant” to your relationship. Your relationship is my client. My job is to help you learn more about what you are feeling on the inside and be able to share it in a way that your partner can hold it. I help you get clearer on your emotions and I help your partner learn to hold it. 

Communication skills in couple’s therapy is important, however, we work on it in an experiential and “bottom up” kind of way. It means that we focus on emotions and track the negative cycle that you keep getting caught in that is making connection and bonding important.  

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Daring Way Work 

Focus on worthiness and belonging through vulnerability... I am a Certified Daring Way Facilitator, officially trained in the work of Brené Brown. If you are not familiar with her work, it focuses on worthiness and belonging through vulnerability and awareness of how our emotions show up in our daily lives. I utilize this work regularly in therapy and will occasionally facilitate workshops and groups in her various programs, including Gifts of Imperfection, Rising Strong and Daring Greatly.

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Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are among the most diagnosed disorders. It can include generalized anxiety, panic disorder, specific phobias as well as OCD, among others. Obsessive compulsive disorder consists of obsessions and rituals (or compulsions). Concerns can range from contamination fears to fears of harming others. Anxiety is a normal everyday experience, but it can become a problem when our life becomes centered around avoiding the feeling and experience of anxiety.

Many therapists will focus on helping you learn to relax, but, this can backfire. While relaxing is an important skill, the most successful treatment of anxiety involves turning towards the feelings, not away from it. Exposure and response prevention is a well-researched and evidence-based treatment for most anxiety disorders. It involves learning about your specific concerns and fears and then developing a step-by-step program to face your fears, with the support of your therapist. 

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Life Adjustments

​Life is beautiful and life is brutal…hence it is “brutiful”. Sometimes life just hits us in unexpected and sometimes painful ways. The support of a therapist can you help you learn more about yourself and the discomfort you are experiencing and even grow from it. Maybe you are entering a new phase in your life, like being a new parent, or you were unexpectedly let go from a job. We can work together and explore what you are going through. You might just need therapy as a place to talk it out or you might need therapy to take steps in a different direction. Either way, it’s okay. We all need therapy from time to time.

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Family Counseling

The bonds of family are some of the most important ones in our lifetime. There might be no place like home, but home sure can be triggering at times. At Jenuine Courage Counseling, we offer family counseling. Families come in all shapes and size and at Jenuine Courage, we recognize and honor that. We utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy to help family members slow down, learn more about their emotions, and be able to clearly communicate those emotions to each other, in a way that is more like to be heard and that the other families can hear and hold. 

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